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JJ Kasper

partner / Founder

JJ is a former academic (critical theory), lawyer (not for him), management consultant (loved it, but glad to be out of it), and operator (tech and restructurings). He devotes time these days to singing, walking Louis and Kiwi (dogs), reading, and investigating crack-pot conspiracy theories. JJ is an uncle and god-father many times over, but has yet to move beyond dogs in his own household 

Brian Stafford

partner / founder

Brian is a former small business owner (car dealerships), entrepreneur (one of those 2001 tech boom stories), chef (CIA-trained), management consultant (also loved it, but glad to be out of it). Brian is currently CEO at Diligent (a fast-growing enterprise tech company you’ve never heard of). In his spare time, Brian serves as nanny for Teddy and Emma (his children) and husband to his more-successful wife

Jay Trickett

Partner / CAO

Jay is a former minister-in-training (gave up the calling but still thoughtful) and lawyer (good at it and liked it too) and still an expert skier (apparently there are benefits to growing up in Minnesota). Jay lives in Maine with his more-successful wife (a trend on our team) and his three children (all boys who all look just like Jay). Jay serves as an elected member of the Falmouth Town Council and spends his weekends working on his “camp” (a fancy Maine word for vacation property)

Josh Berns

senior Associate

Josh is a former entrepreneur (Whisk was his startup, he sold it, but he’s not yet rich). Josh is an Ohio native who went South for undergrad (way south to Tulane) and has since come north to be an investor (and one day, a real New Yorker) with Blue. Josh always knows the best restaurants and chefs in NYC and beyond and is becoming a pretty good investor too

Nicole Friedman


Nicole is a squash player and a really, really good squash player. Beyond that (and of much less importance), she is also an Investor at Blue. Nicole joined the team after a few years working in the startup world, and before that, she was studying Psychology at Williams College. Nicole also has the distinction of being the only member of the Blue team who is  a New York native by birth and not by time-lived (a distinction for which she is secretly envied by all other team members)